The following is a selection of the more commonly used woods and materials used in cue-making. They can be chosen as options when designing your own cue, or already included in some of my prebuilt cues. I've collected information from many different sources the physical aspects of these, as well as some spiritual, cultural and even metaphysical characteristics associated most commonly in and around their places of origin. As this list is far from complete, please visit frequently for updates, and if you have anything to add, please message me to be included in this process of understanding our ties to the natural world around us.

These selections are subject to availability and price fluctuations that can change at any time. If you have a request for something you don't see here, please message me to discuss.

Please note, the photos below are representative of the typical physical appearance and may have different colors or grain structures based on available sources.



  • Buffalo Horn

  • Camel Bone

  • "Synthetic" Stone

  • Gemstones & Crystals


  • Black Phenolic

  • White Phenolic

  • T-34 & G10

  • Epoxy

  • Acrylic & Other Plastics

  • Others